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About Us

Hello and welcome to Real Chemistry!

I am Karen Griffin, the founder and owner of Real Chemistry, a new,  American skin care and cosmetics technology company aiming to raise consumer expectations of cosmeceuticals and the anticipated results.

I spent over twenty years working in healthcare and researching cutting edge ingredients for their specific use on different skin conditions. Through my research and discoveries, I have found ingredients that have unlimited potential to deliver innovative skin care benefits and treatments to all skin types, and have selected them for my products. I am delighted for you to try my innovative brand.

Having beautiful skin and looking great every day is not only possible, but is just a few weeks away for most people. One of my favorite idioms and a thought I share with my kids pretty often says….” You can have absolutely anything you want, it’s just a question of what you are willing to do.” Doing the right things for your skin and making good, informed choices about the products you purchase is a great beginning.

The Real Chemistry site is designed to dispense practical advice based on our experience alongside input from physicians and renowned institutions like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, and others. We provide you with these references so you can learn a bit more about your skin challenges and how to address them. We will always differentiate between “Expert Opinions”, our own opinions, and home spun advice from our customers and followers so you can filter the information that makes sense to you based on the source and the content.

Our collection of technically superior products have specific functions and can be incorporated into any skin care regimen. These products were carefully formulated and precision engineered and they produce tangible, visible changes on the face almost immediately. Living well and having fun are a big part of looking great. In the coming months, we will also be adding lifestyle items so keep an eye on our collection as we grow!

Try them for yourself! If you’re not satisfied, we will happily issue a full refund, no questions asked!

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Our Mission

REAL CHEMISTRY is committed to producing technology-based, innovative products you can use alone or with your existing skin care regimen.

In the western world, exfoliating the skin is a popular idea and practice, but the technologies available presently are harsh, inelegant methods, which often leave the skin red, inflamed, and irritated. Today the choices include various methods, all of which can be fitted into two categories: “Sand it off OR burn it off”. “Sand it off” methods include mechanical modalities like loofahs, scrubs, microderm abrasion and others. “Burn it off” includes methods like acid peels and lasers.

These methods are all effective ways to remove dead skin cells, but they are blunt instruments. As a result, they often penetrate too deeply, causing irritation and inflamation. “Protein peels” are different. The ingredients are engineered to bind with proteins (dead cells), and nothing else. After using the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute Peel, the skin is soft velvety, and supple, not irritated or inflamed.

Technological and modern advances make all the difference and our clients deserve the very best options available. Read more on The Science page, and find out what millions of people world-wide have known for years! Real Chemistry products are paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free and neither the products nor the ingredients are ever tested on animals. Real Chemistry is a brand well suited for any skin type. There are specific condition for which it is especially effective and a few are listed under the Skin Conditions tab.

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