Luminous 3-Minute Peel Body 160ML

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Use the body peel in the shower or bath! The peel requires a bit of water to activate correctly so this is the ideal place!

Not for the face. Dispense a small amount into your hand, about the size of a nickel for each body area the size of your forearm. It is best to peel one body area at a time.

Set the pouch aside or hang it using the convenient hanger. Consider which body area you will be treating. Headed for the pool? Treating the bikini area, before shaving where elastic lives, might be wise. Was it Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “life is suffering”? Well, Fred, we disagree. Say goodbye to ingrown hair forever, anywhere shaving is necessary.

Keratosis Pilaris on your upper arms? Although this is a “tendency” and the KP will return in 2-3 weeks, this wicked little body peel will remove KP in just minutes.

Select one body area for treatment, for example, your right hand and forearm. Dispense enough product to spread the product and a bit of water over the entire surface of that area very thinly.

Massage gently over the skin in a circular motion, using a little water on your hand to activate properly. Within ~15-20 seconds, you will feel new tiny solids under your fingertips. These new solids are the combination of the product and the protein on the surface of your skin (dead cells!). Continue this massaging motion across the body area you are treating for about 2 minutes until all the product has converted to skin/product “bits”. You will also feel a bit of grit. We added cosmetic sand to this powerful exfoliant, to make it, and the protein bits, easier to remove it entirely from the surface of the skin.

Assists with topical skin concerns such as:

  •  Keratosis (tiny bumps) – Eczema (dry patches)
  • Body acne (tiny infections)
  • Ingrown hair (trapped follicles)
  • Dry skin

How to use

Real Chemistry Pre-shave

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Product Ingredients

  • Aqua ( Water)
  • Carbopol 940
  • Glycerin
  • Butanediol
  • Mint Extract
  • Hyaluroinc Acid
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • EDTA Disodium Salt
  • Gylcerin Polyoxyethylene ether
  • Alkyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride
  • Essence of grapefruit
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil PEG-40
  • Germal Plus
  • Wild Soybean Extract
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Cosmetic Sand
  • Lemon Yellow

8 reviews for Luminous 3-Minute Peel Body 160ML

  1. Kisa (verified owner)

    I love this product.

  2. Sugarplum (verified owner)

    With every other day usage the tube lasts me about 2 months. On real chemistry’s website it talks about how often you should use it for specific skin conditions and says approximately how long each tube will last with different frequencies of use. Very handy information.

  3. Mermaidshopperon (verified owner)

    So my arms have always had the bumps and its gross. I tried this once and yes there was a significant exfoliation. I have the impression I need a professional extraction though for some of these. Still this helps. I tried it on my face. Felt nice. No change in appearance

  4. Courtney F. (verified owner)

    this is a truly amazing product that produces immediate, noticeable results. read the user tips on their website and follow them exactly. this product is science, and science is exact. i went ahead and bought the full size; it’s worth every penny.

  5. SassySarahon (verified owner)

    I feel very passionate about this product. I have very dry skin in between my eye brows and forehead. Works like a charm. My daughter and I suffer from keratosis pilaris. She has it really bad. So I decided to guinea pig on her leg (first patch test was all good so I proceeded). For the people who are nay sayers who say this product doesn’t work are probably not using it correctly. While it didn’t make it completely go away, it lessened the goosebump appearance on her legs. Left is before, right is after.

  6. User (verified owner)

    I’ve never found a better exfoliator that didn’t cause a huge rash on my legs and my ridiculously sensitive skin

  7. User (verified owner)

    Like magic
    It was kind of mesmerizing how much skin you can get off with this. It’s sort of grossly fascinating as well. I play a lot of sports and this stuff was crazy to get off all the unwanted calluses. On top of it the dryness you get when it’s cold is taken away from wherever you use it.

  8. Bail (verified owner)

    Works great for skin problems
    I have really bad eczema, body acne, and ingrown hairs on my arms and legs mostly. After using the body peal once my skin was the softest I have ever felt. The next morning almost 90 percent of my skin problems were gone! It’s a miracle product that I will continue to use forever!

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